Novels by M.J. Brett

(a.k.a. Margaret Brettschneider) 

ISBN #  978-0-9748869-8-5                              Truth Lies Six Foot Under

        When law enforcement bungles an investigation, or worse yet, refuses to investigate, one wonders what might be going on. And in a case that's grown cold, it's difficult to find truth at a later date. It's also difficult to find anyone who will talk about it.

       A struggling student teacher, his young wife and four-year-old son are found dead, brutally murdered in their rented, rural home. Greg had been in a whirlwind of anxiety and fear for his family for about six weeks, but no one knew why. He talked only to the local sheriff, to whom he had reported a curious situation. His life was never the same from that moment on.

      Secrets and lies seethe out from under this case, and it's hard to know whom to trust when everyone seems to be hiding something. 


        Who did the covering up?

        Who staged the crime?

        Who wielded the weapon?

        Who burned the records?

        Why is the victim's father not surprised?

     What do the banker, the mafia, the reservation, the university, and the sheriff have to hide?

      Though each person holds a small piece of the puzzle, it seems no one knows, or wants to know, the whole story except Lynda's family. Though threatened with the same fate, they keep searching for answers to increasingly convoluted questions.

       The slip up of a moment can change lives forever.

       So step over that shotgun at the door, and join us in a

search for the truth that lies six foot under.



Comments by Readers:

     From a family member:  "You captured the personalities of all these characters to a T, and I feel better knowing the facts of the case that you found." Anonymous

    "We all fell in love with the family in this story, and sympathized with their search for answers after so many years. I saw you speak at a library event, M.J., and finding that this was a true crime, and that the photo on the front of the book was the last picture of the mother and son alive, found in her camera when the family cleaned up their house, was devastating. I feel as though I knew these people.

The Harmes family.




  Truth Lies Six Foot Under

A true crime cold case mystery