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 After four serious novels, Ms Brett felt the need of a comic interlude, and found grist for the mill among her overseas teacher friends who traveled every chance they got. 
MamaTold Me Not to Come is based on true travels which, if one is accident-prone, may be from mishap to mishap.
Probably any of her DoDDS colleagues could write a sequel.
 ISBN    #978-0-9748869-4-7 Mama Told Me Not To Come    

 If we turned the famed ‘Lucy and Ethel’ loose on an unsuspecting Europe or Mid East, they couldn’t do any more damage than our heroines, DeeDee Otero and Megan James.   With DeeDee naively thinking she can find a husband by declaring her desire for babies to every man she meets, and Megan’s skepticism about men, these two are an unlikely pair.
DeeDee claims “Nothing ever happens to me.” So she assumes she can keep the accident-prone Megan "safe" if they travel together, while Megan tries valiantly to acquaint DeeDee with the real world of Cold War Europe, military secrets, spies, and social protocols that DeeDee ignores or doesn't understand.

Each gradually changes the other.   From being trapped in a burlesque house in Berlin to PLO taking them the "wrong way home" in Bethlehem, from Athens to Morocco, these two work their own magic and mayhem, getting themselves into disaster after disaster, along with Megan’s Fiat named "Bosco," and the military members and other DoDDS teachers who people their world.

In spite of their differences, or perhaps because of them, they find a friendship to last a lifetime. These two will keep  you laughing, and shaking your head.           
Go ahead.... Have a laugh on  us!            

Comments from readers:

"Books from M.J. Brett are like good wine, very addictive, and I really am sincere about this. However, I would like to read more of her books, if she has any on the way. Thanks so much," Richard H.

"I was, as was M.J. Brett, a teacher with the Department of Defense Dependent Schools. I also taught in Germany, but later than her and not near the border. I just met her at a DoDDS reunion in Orlando, FL. She is as delightful as her books. I bought three of them and am nearly finished with "Mama Told Me Not to Come." Her adventures bring back similar experiences of my own. They are VERY realistic and made me a bit nostalgic for Deutschland. I'm looking forward to our meeting at the next reunion so I can see what else she's written this past year!" Martha E.


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German beer fest with American teachers and soldiers on the USSR/West German Border .