Novels by M.J. Brett

(a.k.a. Margaret Brettschneider) 

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   Mutti's War     ISBN # 978-0-9748869-0-9 (also with 10 digit code #0-9748869-0-4)

   Shadows on an Iron Curtain   ISBN # 978-0-9748869-1-6

  Between Duty and Devotion     ISBN # 978-0-9748869-2-3

  Street Smart on a Dead End     ISBN # 978-0-9748869-3-0

  Mama Told Me Not to Come    ISBN # 978-0-9748869-4-7

   I Think I Can, I Think I Can    ISBN # 978-0-9748869-5-4

   Dancing in the Wind                ISBN # 978-0-9748869-6-1

   Stand Silent, Stand Free          ISBN # 978-0-9748869-7-8

   Truth Lies Six Foot Under       ISBN # 978-0-9748869-8-5

​   The Voices Know My Name     ISBN # 978-0-9748869-9-2

Five books are available in e-book format on Kindle   

                              Shadows on an Iron Curtain    ISBN # 978-0-9748869-1-6

                        Between Duty and Devotion    ISBN # 978-0-9748869-2-3

                        Dancing in the Wind                ISBN # 978-0-9748869-6-1

                        I Think I Can, I Think I Can    ISBN # 978-0-9748869-5-4

                             Truth Lies Six Foot Under       ISBN # 978-0-9748869-8-5

   Should you need multiple books for a book club, I can offer you a discount for five or more books. In that case, Contact the Author directly, and we can ship you the books.