I'll make an attempt here to let you know when events are taking place that may be of interest to those who enjoy books, art, 
music, and the sweet things in life. Some of these events you may like to attend, or look up on the internet, or just wish the
writers and artists well in your good thoughts. See the bottom of this page for some soon to come book events.                        

Does your group need a speaker? I enjoy speaking to groups about World War II or the Cold War, or teaching classes in writing
for groups of all ages. Click on "Contact the author" should you need a speaker for your group. I've enjoyed everyone from the
Kiwanas to Pillar, the International Flying Farmers to fifth grade and high school journalism and history classrooms.  

Are you in a book club?  I love people who love to read.   It's amazing that with all the new gadgets, games, and media around
the world, Book Discussion Groups are still going strong. Like the rest of us, most people enjoy having a good read handy. 
Should you or someone you know belong to a book club, please let me know about your group. I'm always happy to meet with a 
local group in person, or with an out of state group by long distance speaker phone to either lead a discussion or to answer
​questions.   It's fun for me to get together with folks for a lively discussion. Please invite me.

My books are also on Amazon.com, and four of them are now available on Kindle, in case you are now hooked into electronics.
Should you decide to purchase books through Amazon or Kindle, please leave a book review on books you like.  

  "Contact the author" if you would like a Book Club kit with discussion questions and other useful information about any of my
books your group would like to choose. Special rates on my books are available for purchases of five or more books.  Locally, I
​can deliver books, or you can pick them up. If you live further away, I can ship the books to you. Simply click on "Contact the
​Author" from this website and let me know about your group. 

​ An important event is the annual reunion of Vietnam Helicopter Pilots (VHPA) each summer. This 2014 we were in Louisville,
\and we'll be in Washington DC this year in late August. 2015 will be the 50th anniversary of Eric's Flight School class, and we're
hoping every surviving member will come to celebrate.  We'll hope to see lots of military friends there next time. If you're a
helicopter pilot and haven't linked up with VHPA yet, by all means www.VHPA.org will get you the information on joining us.     

​  Department of Defense Overseas teachers (DODDS) meets about a month before VHPA, in mid July. In 2014, the reunion was in
Richmond, VA for the folks on the east coast to be nearby. They try to move venues around to make travel easier for all. We'll
hope to see a lot of Bamberg, Stuttgart and Patch people in 2015 on the outskirts of Chicago at Oak Park. Any former students
from DoDDS ​schools who happen to be in Chicago are welcome to stop by the Hospitality Room where we hang out. 
  will give you more information. 

​ If you like music
 and will be having an event anytime soon, contact our son-in-law, Felix, as he is an experienced musician and
​can serve you up a great performance for song, your dancing pleasure, or your need for a country, or Elvis, or any kind of musical
"fix." He does weddings, anniversary or birthday parties, and those who've danced with him for a long time have even asked that he
play at their funerals. I think that must be the ultimate complement, don't you? You'll love him, as we do, since we love to dance.
Phone for Felix, the "Lone Wolf" is 719-266-0334 or e-mail     Lone.wolf.music@hotmail.com   He'll be playing at the big GALA 
for Valentine's Day at the Peterson AFB Club. Hope to see you there, or on New Years.   

  Museums find a home for two of my books. The Yuma Military Heritage Center now carries Shadows on an Iron Curtain, since
it is about the only story written so far about the Cold War activities of the Army Cavalry on the BORDER. All other writers seem
to have written about the Berlin Wall, instead. This museum specializes in the history of the American Cavalry, and is certainly
worth a visit. The link to the Cavalry website is at www.blackhorse.org.   Mutti's War now resides in the new World War II
museum in New Orleans. If you know of any other museums for these two books, or groups  who speak of relationships in the
military for Between Duty and Devotion, history reenactment groups, family groups who might like some of the other books listed
on the Home Page, please "contact the author" and let me know about them. Thank you. I love connecting with groups for whom
I've written "their" story.  

  For news about the next Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg American High School Alumni Reunion  
​check into  www.StuttgartLudwigsburgHS.org the alumni website.

Bamberg High School also is active on Facebook.

Try out a computer blogcast on at   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/La Literati with Tosha for an
 interview with M.J. Brett. These are fun to do

Novels by M.J. Brett

(a.k.a. Margaret Brettschneider) 

Plaid for Women

Sarah Zink

Interview on women as heroines - Mutti's War 


     A couple of old Pikes Peak Writers at AuthorFest in Manitou

Coming Events