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....        Mutti’s War is based on the true story of Regina Wolff, a rather delicate young German mother who is forced to smuggle her three small boys out of East Prussia when the Russians surround it in 1944. ....................................................................................................... 
         Though the story takes place during the years of World War II, Regina could just as easily have walked off the six-o-clock news as a refugee of current wars. Whenever there’s a war, it’s the warrior about whom stories are written. But it’s the woman left behind who must find strength to protect and reunite her family when the battles are over.
       Regina begins as a privileged, but politically naïve young woman who trusts her adored husband to make all decisions for the family, in the custom of Europe in the 1930’s and 40’s. But by 1944, Regina must defy Nazi authority and subject herself and her children to a dangerous trek across war-torn Europe in her attempt to survive and find her missing husband.
      Alone, Regina must achieve political and emotional awakening and learn to make life and death decisions in spite of their painful consequences. This is a novel of survival under disastrous conditions, and Regina’s courage is an inspiring story for all ages. Though most have read of what Hitler did to the Jews, the POWS, the gypsies, we’ve never known what he was doing to his own people. This story from behind the enemy’s lines shows us an additional historic view of the war that shaped the 20th Century.
           This book has been used for a literature class taught at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. The professor wanted to impress on cadets the many different kinds of courage.  

        Mutti’s War, is in its sixth printing, being considered as a movie, and won the prestigious Paul Gillette Award for Historical Fiction. 
        The Midwest Book Review called Mutti's War   
"A vivid, unforgettable story of courage and determination...
told with fluid dialogue and heart-rending detail."

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Letters from readers:

     "I had to let you know how much my colleagues at the Red Cross loved Mutti's War. Once started, none of us could lay it down. You are batting 1,000 here in Alexandria. Thank you for such a great book!!!" Christa L.

     "This book needs to be in everyone's hands. I was particularly intrigued with the view of World War II from inside the enemy's camp and the strength Mutti gained as she fought not only her own Nazi government, but her discoveries as well. How she had the strength to make her decisions, yet keep them secret, I'll never know. There was a will of steel under that cloak of daintiness." Elaine P.


Konigsberg, East Prussia, Germany before the war

Novels by M.J. Brett

(a.k.a. Margaret Brettschneider) 

 Hitler reviewing his tanks in a 1938 parade.